CIT 101 Computing Skills (1)

Hands-on introduction to the use of current popular software and information retrieval tools. Self-paced and traditional instruction methods are used. A headnote specifies the instructional method and particular software tool. Credit/no credit only. Not open to CSE majors.

101D Computing Skills: Database

101G Computing Skills: Presentation Graphics/Multimedia

101H Computing Skills: World Wide Web, Publishing, Home Page Construction

101I Computing Skills: Using the Internet

101O Computing Skills: Getting Started

101P Computing Skills: Desktop Publishing

101R Computing Skills: Beyond the Internet – Electronic Search Skills

101S Computing Skills: Spreadsheets

101W Computing Skills: Word Processing

Note: a maximum of nine credit hours of CIT 101, CSE 141, and CIT 154 can be used toward degree requirements. A maximum of three credit hours will be awarded among CIT 101W, 101S, and 101D, and CIT 154.

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