CLS 2 Classical Literature.

Provides an overview of Greek or Roman literature, then examines in detail the historical evolution of specific genres, such as tragedy, drama, and epic. Attention to historical forces that brought these genres into existence and those forces that affected their growth and development.

1. CLS 101 Greek Civilization in its Mediterranean Context (3) (MPF), or
CLS 102 Roman Civilization (3) (MPF), or
CLS 121 Introduction to Classical Mythology (3) (MPF); and

2. CLS 210/RUS 250 Classical Tradition in Russian Poetry (3), or
CLS 211 Greek and Roman Epic (3), or
CLS 212 Greek Tragedy (3), or
CLS 213 Greek and Roman Comedy (3), or
CLS 215 Roman Historians (3); and

3. CLS 218 Greek and Roman Erotic Poetry (3), or
CLS 310P From the Lair of the Cyclops to the Surface of the Moon: Travel and Self-Definition in Antiquity (3), or
CLS 310S Egypt in Greco-Roman History and Fiction (3), or
CLS 310T Arts and Empire in the Classical World and Russia (3), or

CLS 317 Greek and Roman Philosophical Writers (3), or
CLS 331 From Epic to Romance (3)

Note: Not open to majors in the Department of Classics.

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