CLS 4 The Classical World: Identity and Experience.

Specific to Classical antiquity was a set of deeply influential institutions, practices, and ideological elaborations that both drew from and interacted with a wide range of other Mediterranean cultures in shaping the day-to-day identities and life experiences of Greeks and Romans as well as the cultures on which they impacted. In this sequence, students explore some of the most basic issues (e.g. gender, religion, public entertainments, race and ethnicity, imperial conquest and domination) associated with these influences and their more specialized consequences in specific geographical, cultural and institutional areas (e.g. Egypt, Jews in Antiquity, The Construction of Age Identities).

1. CLS 101 Greek Civilization in its Mediterranean Context (3) (MPF), or
CLS 102 Roman Civilization (3) (MPF), or
CLS 121 Introduction to Classical Mythology (3) (MPF); and

2. CLS 210R Race& Ethnicity in Antiquity (3), or
CLS 235 Women In Antiquity (3), or
CLS 210U Ancient Sexuality, or
CLS 235 Women in Antiquity (3); and

3. CLS 310E Conflict in Greco-Roman Egypt (3),or
CLS 310J Jews Among Greeks & Romans (3), or
CLS 332 Mythology and the Arts (3), or
CLS 333 The Greeks in the Near East and Central Asia (3)

Note: Not open to majors in the Department of Classics.

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