Course Numbering System

000-099: Developmental courses, generally not creditable toward a degree.

100-199: Introductory courses, usually with no prerequisites.

200-299: Sophomore level courses.

300-399: Junior level courses.

400-499: Senior level courses.

500-850: Graduate level courses. On occasion, a senior may take 500- and 600-level courses for graduate credit with permission (described in the Registering for Courses chapter). Seniors who wish to earn undergraduate credit in a 600-level course must have approval of the course instructor, department chair, and dean of the Graduate School.

599 and 699: Workshops or similar offerings. Workshops must go through an approval process each year.

700 and above: Restricted to graduate students.

Course numbers at two levels (such as 433/533) may be taken either for undergraduate or graduate credit. Graduate students must complete additional work to receive graduate credit.

Course numbers separated by a comma (such as 233, 234) are related. You may take one of the series and they may be taken in any order (unless otherwise indicated in the course description).

Course numbers separated by a hyphen (such as 233-234) must be taken in numerical order and both must be taken to receive credit for graduation.

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