CPE 1 Chemical Engineering Principles.

Provides an understanding of basic chemical engineering principles, concepts, and methodologies and how they are applied to the design and performance analysis of industrial processes.

Prerequisite: (CPE 204) grade of C- or better in CHM 141, 142; MTH 151, 251; and CSE 141 or competence in spreadsheets. (CPE/MME 313) grade of C- or better in PHY 182, and CPE 204. (CPE/MME 403) grade of C- or better in MME/CPE 313, MTH 245, and MME/CPE 314.

1. CPE 204 Material and Energy Balances (3); and

2. CPE/MME 313 Fluid Mechanics (3); and

3. CPE/MME 403 Heat Transfer (3)

Note: Not open to majors in the Department of Chemical and Paper Engineering. Majors in the Department Manufacturing Engineering must take CPE 313 at the second level.

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