Department of Art

The Department of Art offers these degrees: Bachelor of Arts in Art and Architecture History; Bachelor of Fine Arts, emphasizing studio art; Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and Bachelor of Science in Art with Multi-Age Visual Arts Licensure Program (prekindergarten through grade 12; ages 3-21) for those preparing to teach in public schools. You can receive a B.F.A. and a B.S. degree at the same time; this may take additional time beyond the 128 semester hours required for a degree.

These art programs prepare producing and exhibiting artists, designers, artists-crafts persons, art and architectural historians, professionals in related fields, and art teachers for careers in art and related art fields. Course offerings include basic studio areas, art education, history of art, and advanced studio disciplines.

The Department of Art also offers minors in the History of Art and Architecture, 2D Media Studies in Art, 2D Media Studies in Art for Art Education Majors, and 3D Media Studies.

The department also offers graduate programs leading to a Master of Fine Arts degree. More information on this program is available in the Graduate Fields of Study section or from the Graduate School.

Admission Requirements: B.F.A. in Graphic Design, B.F.A. in Studio Art, and B.S. in Art in Art Education

The admission process for the B.F.A. (studio, graphic design) and B.S. (art education) programs within the Department of Art includes submission of a portfolio of digital images of recent work for review by the art faculty. The purpose of the review is to assess artistic potential, to approve admission to the department, and to award departmental scholarships. Please understand that an impressive portfolio is a goal to be achieved during study, not a prerequisite for entrance. Your portfolio should consist of 12 to 15 digital images of recent work. For additional information about the graphic design program, please see the program description in this Bulletin. Please see the Department of Art website or contact the Department of Art for the detailed requirements and format of a portfolio review.

Transfer Admission Requirements

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Students from other majors who are enrolled at Hamilton, Middletown, or Oxford campus who wish to be admitted to the department must undergo a portfolio review. Portfolios should include 15 examples of your university art-work and a current grade transcript. Portfolios may be submitted only after you have successfully completed a minimum of six credit hours of art studio courses. If only the minimum of six credit hours is completed, you must also enroll in at least six additional hours of art studio at the time your portfolio is submitted. Register for a portfolio review in the departmental office; the department designates a time during each semester to review portfolios and make admission decisions. Students planning on transferring into the Department of Art may not take 300-400 level studio art classes until they have successfully passed the portfolio review.

Students from other universities and colleges who wish to transfer to the department must be admitted to Miami University and submit a portfolio to the Art Department at the time of their application to the university. Graphic design students from other institutions are encouraged to contact Miami's graphic design faculty. Transfer credit (comparable art studio courses taken at other universities and colleges) may fulfill part or all of the required prerequisites of art studio courses needed for admission consideration; however, a portfolio of art-work is still required for admission consideration.

Students who are denied admission in their initial attempt may apply a second time. Students who are denied in their second attempt are ineligible for further admission consideration.

Bachelor of Science in Art with Multi-Age Visual Arts Licensure

Students who were not initially admitted from a portfolio review to the Department of Art or as art education majors, may seek admission after successfully completing Art 195. In addition, a student must have completed at least six hours of studio work and be enrolled in at least six additional hours of studio classes. An art education review, which involves a portfolio of art-work, a statement of intent and commitment to the profession, a resume emphasizing work experience related to children/adolescents, and a minimum GPA of 2.50, is required. Art education reviews occur every semester, usually at the end of the fourth week. The Art Education Retention Policy, as outlined in departmental literature, requires majors to demonstrate success in progressing toward the degree and licensure, including professional dispositions. Due to enrollment constraints, a limited number of transfer students are accepted each year.

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