Department of Music

The department offers the Bachelor of Music in music education and music performance and the Bachelor of Arts in Music. The graduate degree, Master of Music, is offered in music education and music performance and is described in the Graduate section of the Bulletin.

The bachelor’s degree programs offer preparation for careers in public school teaching, performance, and for future study at the graduate level. It is also the objective of the department to provide courses in music theory and literature, applied music, and ensemble for non-music majors. Applied music and ensemble require audition.

The department's mission and goals are available on the department Web site:

Special Admission Requirements: Music Majors

All music majors require audition for admission to the department. Each applied area (voice, piano, flute, etc.) has its own requirements for admission. For more information contact the Department of Music, 109 Presser Hall (513-529-3014).

Special Curriculum Requirements

Applied Music

Music majors, performance minors, and thematic sequence students who discontinue applied music study at Miami University for one semester (or more) are required to re-audition in order to be eligible to resume applied music study. This policy does not apply to anyone involved in student teaching or a Miami-sponsored study abroad program. After two semesters at a given level, music majors and performance minors are required to take a jury to advance to the next level. Students who fail to advance to the next level of applied music after two attempts are not allowed to continue as either a music major or performance minor.

Functional Piano

All music majors must complete the Functional Piano Requirement: completing through MUS 261 for music education and performance, and MUS 161 for Bachelor of Arts in Music, or take a piano proficiency exam (offered one time in each of the fall and spring semesters). The proficiency exam is designed for students who have advanced piano skills (six to eight years of piano study). The exam may only be attempted during a student's first year as a music major. Interested students must see the functional piano coordinator during the first two weeks of Fall semester to receive the exam requirements.

Students with transfer credit in functional piano must demonstrate performance competency for the functional piano coordinator in order to receive credit toward the music degree.

Recital Attendance and Chamber Music Experience

All music majors must complete seven semesters of MUS 140 and one semester of MUS 139.

Departmental Honors

Music students may apply for departmental honors at the end of the junior year. Requirements for the program include a 3.50 cumulative GPA, sponsorship by a member of the music faculty, and approval of the department chair.

The program includes independent study (MUS 481-482) taken during the senior year and also requires a thesis, other scholarly document, or lecture/recital. The student is responsible for identifying two faculty members, in addition to the faculty sponsor, who will serve as readers of the thesis or jury members for the lecture recital. Successful students graduate with departmental honors.

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