Department Proficiency Examinations

These exams may be offered each semester. Each department administers its own test, and credit applies toward graduation. You may take a proficiency examination during any semester or term in which you are enrolled. Fees are charged per credit hour after the first hour if the examination is passed. See the Fees and Expenses chapter for test charges.

To be approved for a proficiency examination, you must satisfy the department that you have a reasonable chance of passing it. Normally, these examinations are for courses below the 300 level, but they may be given for advanced courses with approvals of the department chair and the dean of the division in which the course is offered.

You may obtain credit or advanced placement, or both, by examinations in areas in which you have had adequate preparation. Credit earned is traditional credit and is not counted in the admissible 32 semester hours of nontraditional credit. No grades are awarded for proficiency examinations.

See departments listed below for specific information.

Comparative Religion: see department.

English: Submit a writing portfolio to the Composition Program in the department in the summer before your enrollment. For details about eligibility, requirements and deadlines refer to the Composition Program website at

Latin: see department.

Mathematics and Statistics: offered in MTH 151, 222, 251; STA 261. Contact the MTH or STA department office. A group proficiency exam in MTH 151 is usually given during the first week of the fall semester.

Speech Pathology and Audiology: offered in SPA 101 Beginning ASL I (4) with proficiency exam.

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