Diplomacy and Global Politics- Bachelor of Arts

For information, contact the Department of Political Science, 218 Harrison Hall (513-529-2000).

This program of concentration is designed primarily for students interested in understanding more about comparative and international politics. It is a major appropriate for those interested in international careers. It is also the kind of broad, liberal arts program that many pre-law students will want to consider. Additionally, it provides a solid background for graduate study in comparative politics and international relations.

Core Requirements (minimum 33 hours)

Core courses (all of these):

POL 221 Modern World Governments (4)

POL 241 American Political System (4)

POL 271 World Politics (4)

Diplomacy and international relations (two of these):

POL 326 Comparative Ethnic Politics (3)

POL 346 Global Gender Politics (3)

POL 373 American Foreign Policy (3)

POL 374 Foreign Policy Analysis (3)

POL 376 U.S. National Security Policy (3)

POL 381 Global Governance (3)

POL 382 International Law (3)

POL 386 Global Competition (3)

POL 387 Comparative Security Issues (3)

Politics in global regions (at least two courses from two regional clusters below):

Eurasia and East Asia

POL 328 Politics of Central Asia (3)

POL 331 Communism and Soviet Politics, 1917-1991 (3)

POL 332 Post-Soviet Russian Politics (3)

POL 335 Politics of East Asia (4)

POL 375 International Relations of East Asia (3)

POL 440 Havighurst Colloquium (3)

Africa, Middle East, and Latin America

POL 336 Politics of the Middle East (3)

POL 337 Politics of Latin America (4)

POL 338 Contemporary African Politics (3)

POL 339 Nationalism, Islam and Democracy in Arab Politics (3)

POL 370B African Politics & Society through Literature (3)

POL 378 Latin America: The Region and the World (3)

POL 438 Africa in the Global Economy (3)

Europe: East and West

POL 321L Comparative European Politics (4)

POL 333 Politics of Western Europe (4)

POL 334 Politics of Eastern Europe (3)

POL 423 European Union: Politics and Policies (4)

POL 425 British and Irish Politics (3)

Note: With approval of advisor, student may apply relevant coursework taken in an approved study abroad program as substitute for one or two courses on politics in global regions.

Required capstone (Students must complete one of the following):

POL 419 Civil Society and Modern Politics (3)

POL 424 Transatlantic Seminar: Politics of International Business (4-6)

POL 439 North American Politics: Unity and Diversity (3)

POL 471 The International System (3)

POL 487 Individual Lives and International Politics (3)

POL 489 Conflict Management in a Divided World (3)

At least 17 hours earned at Miami; a grade point average of at least 2.00 is required; no courses taken credit/no-credit can be applied to major.

Related Requirements (minimum 22 hours)

Cognate courses (all of these):

ECO 201 Principles of Microeconomics (3)

ECO 202 Principles of Macroeconomics (3)

STA 261 Statistics (4)

Advanced foreign language study:

At least 6 semester hours in a foreign language at the 300-level or higher (not in translation).

Study Abroad:

12 semester hours earned in one or more study-abroad programs approved by the Department of Political Science (not more than 6 semester hours earned in study abroad program can be applied to other major requirements).

At least 9 semester hours for Part II requirements must be earned at Miami University; a grade point average of at least 2.00 is required; no courses taken credit/no-credit can be applied toward this requirement.

CAS Writing Competency Requirement:

Students seeking the Bachelor of Arts in Diplomacy and Global Politics meet the College of Arts and Science writing in the major requirement by completing the following courses: (1) Take at least one of the required 200-level courses (POL 221, 241, or 271) in a "Writing" or "W" section; (2) Take at least one of the required 300-level courses in a "W" section; (3) and complete one of the required Capstone courses (all of which meet the Writing requirement).

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