Divisional and Departmental Honors

The Farmer School of Business offers a divisional honors program for students who qualify and who desire more intensive work under the guidance of a faculty mentor(s). Additionally, the Department of Economics offers a separate departmental honors program (see requirements under that heading). Students who successfully complete one or both of these programs will graduate with the appropriate honors notation on their transcript and under their names in the commencement program.

Students participating in the University Honors Program will have opportunity to apply to the Farmer School of Business (divisional) honors program in the spring of the first year (with entry decisions occurring that same semester).

Both divisional and departmental honors programs in the School of Business may be coordinated and integrated with the University Honors Program. A common project may serve divisional, departmental, and university honors, but separate and distinct presentations must be made to earn each honors notation.

For more information, contact the Student Services Office at the Farmer School of Business, 1022 FSB (513-529-1712) or visit the website: http:/www.fsb.miamioh.edu/programs/honors.

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