Dropping a Course

During the first two full-term days of the fall, winter, spring and summer terms of the course, or the first two days of any spring part of term the instructor will not be notified of a student dropping the course. Following these first two full-term days of the course, the instructor will receive electronic notification of the student dropping the course. Before dropping a course, a student is encouraged to contact their lenders and insurance agents to determine continued eligibility for loan deferments and insurance coverage before taking an action that will change their enrollment status to less than full-time or a lesser increment of part-time. Dropping a course is a formal administrative procedure; merely ceasing to attend class is not the same as dropping a course. A student may drop a course after the first week of the class up to during the first 20 percent of the course, in which case no grade or other designation will appear on the student’s official record. Students should refer to the Academic Calendar (http://www.units.miamioh.edu/reg/calendars/) for specific academic deadline dates.

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