East Asian Studies

(18 semester hours)

For information, contact the program adviser in the Department of German, Russian, and East Asian Languages, 172 Irvin Hall (513-529-2526).

This interdisciplinary program is open to all majors. It introduces students to cultures of East Asian countries, including art, literature, history, geography, religion, sociology, economics, and political systems.

Program Requirements

Language Proficiency

You must attain a second-year language proficiency in either Chinese, Japanese or Korean. Completion of CHI 202, JPN 202 or KOR 202 higher level of courses will fulfill this requirement. Contact the program adviser for proficiency assessment if necessary.

Course Requirements

Select courses from Group I and II.

Group I (200 level)

Six semester hours from East Asia (see below)

(or three hours from East Asia and three hours from Related Courses):

ART 286 History of Asian Art, China, Korea, and Japan (3)

ART 278 Text and Image in East Asian Buddhist Art (3)

ART/JPN 279 Buddhism and Culture: China and Japan (3)

CHI 251 Chinese Literature to 1800 in English Translation (3)

CHI 252 Modern Chinese Literature in English Translation (3)

CHI 253 Three Kingdoms (3)

CHI 254 Modern Chinese Autobiography (3)

CHI/JPN 255 Dramas in Japan and China in Translation (3)

CHI/FST 264 Chinese Cinema and Culture (3)

CHI 277W Chinese Culture Live (1 or 3)

GEO/ITS/SOC 208 The Rise of Industrialism in East Asia (3)

JPN 231 Japanese Tales of the Supernatural in English Translation (3)

JPN 260 Topics in Japanese Literature in English Translation (3)

JPN 266 Survey of Japanese Cinema (3)

REL 202 Religions of Asia (3)

Related Courses

ART 185 India and Southeast Asia (3)

PHL 106 Thought and Culture of India (3)

Group II (300-400 level)

Twelve semester hours from East Asia, China, or Japan; OR from a combination of East Asia, China, Japan, AND one Related course.

East Asia

GEO 308 Geography of East Asia (3)

GEO 408 Geography of the Silk Road (3)

POL 335 Politics of China and Japan (3)

POL 375 International Relations of East Asia (3)


ART 311 Chinese Painting History (3)

CHI 301 Third Year Chinese (3)

GEO 410B Regional Analysis of China (1-4)

HST 353 History of Chinese Civilization (3)

HST 354 Modern Chinese History (3)

HST 383 Women in Chinese History (3)

HST 4006 Senior Capstone: Asian History (3)

HST 434 China and the Silk Road (3)


ART 312 Japanese Painting and Prints (3)

HST 356 Modern Japanese History (3)

JPN 301 Third Year Japanese (3)

Related course:

AAA/ENG 369 Colonial and Post-Colonial Literatures of South Asia (3)

POL 328 Politics of Central Asia (3)

REL 323 Buddhism in India and South Asia (3)

Other courses, including one-time offerings, and honors and summer workshop courses may count toward this minor. For approval, contact the program adviser.

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