ECO 3 Business Cycles, Economic Welfare, and Macroeconomic Policy.

Concern for the material well-being of individuals motivates the study of aggregates since fluctuations in these aggregates and changes in their growth rates significantly affect welfare. Focuses on possible government initiatives to influence the behavior of economic aggregates and enhance welfare. Addresses rationale for government intervention, practical difficulties associated with actual implementation of policy, and evaluation of policy. Macroeconomic history and current policy discussions provide many applications. Provides understanding of motives, pitfalls, and history of macroeconomic policy.

1. ECO 202 Principles of Macroeconomics (3) (MPF); and

2. ECO 317 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory (3); and

3. ECO 418 Monetary Theory and Policy (3), or
ECO 419 Business Cycles (3)

Note: Not open to majors in business.

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