EDL 1 Cultural Studies and Public Life.

Assists in understanding how culture helps construct public life through deliberate and unwitting actions of people; therefore, reveals one way that you can play an active role in public life of your society. Cultural studies is concerned with the struggles over meaning that reshape and define cultures; therefore, this sequence studies contemporary cultural productions and attempts of people to participate in public life. Emphasis on mass and popular cultures, youth subcultures including minority subcultures such as those associated with African American and Latino cultures. Take these tiers in order.

1. EDL 204 Sociocultural Studies in Education (3) (MPF), or
BWS/KNH 292 Dance, Culture, and Contexts (3) (MPF), or
COM/FST 205 American Film as Communication (3); and

2. EDL 282 Culture Studies, Power, and Education (3); and

3. EDL 334 Youth Subcultures, Popular Culture, and the
Non-formal Education (3), or
ARC/BWS 427 The American City Since 1940 (3), or
SOC/EDP/DST 272 Introduction to Disability Studies (3), or
COM/WGS 461 Gender, Sexuality and Media (3)

Note: Open to all majors. Students must select a minimum of nine hours outside their department of major.

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