EDP 1 Cultural Patterns in Education and the Law Affecting Persons with Disability.

Enhances critical understanding of issues surrounding individuals who fall outside the "norm." Issues include societal values and moral practices related to development, identification, socialization, education, and treatment of these individuals. Explores exceptionality among individuals from the perspectives of psychological "disorder," developmental or educational "difference," and/or "deviance" from socially defined norms. Explores difference as a normally occurring phenomenon of the human condition.

Prerequisite: EDP 101: Psychology of the Learner (MPF) (3), or PSY 111: Introduction to Psychology (MPF) (4), or EDP 201: Human Development and Learning (MPF) (3).

1. EDP 256 Psychology of the Exceptional Learner (3); and

2. Two from the following:
EDP 272 Introduction to Disability Studies (3)
EDP 478 Consultation and Collaboration in Special Education (3)
EDP 491 Teaching Students with Mild and Moderate Disabilities (3)

Note: Not open to majors in the Department of Educational Psychology.

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