ENG 10 Italy and the Renaissance.

Provides students in the Study Abroad program in Florence, Italy, with an on-site introduction to the arts of the Florentine Renaissance and situates those arts in the Italian cultures that produced and now succeed them. Contextualizing experiences include an introduction to the art form of cinema, with h an emphasis on Italian film to engage students with the culture around them; and either an introduction to the Western literatures underlying and embodied in those arts, or an opportunity to investigate and write about contemporary Florentine culture.

Take one course from each tier.

1. ART 399I Italy and the Renaissance (2-3); and

2. ENG 350C Topics in Film: The Art Film (3); and

3. JRN 350 Specialized Journalism: Reporting on European Travel, Culture, and Media (3), or
ENG 251 Life and Thought in European Literature (3) (MPF)

Note: ART 399, ENG 350, and JRN 350 must be taken in Florence. Only 1 course from Thematic Sequence can count toward a Foundation requirements: If taken to fulfill your thematic sequence, this sequence can fulfill up to 3 credits of your study abroad requirement if you choose to use one of its Florence courses to count toward that requirement.

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