ENG 2 Women and Literature.

Assumes the importance of gender as a category for analyzing authors and texts. Attention to how various literatures that constitute “English literature” represent women and the feminine, how these representations differ, and the various agendas pursued through these representations. Most important, emphasizes women as themselves authors and readers. Builds new knowledge of non-canonical writers and texts; reconsiders canonical writers and texts by focusing on depictions of women or your relation to women's writings.

1. WGS 201 Introduction to Women's Studies (3) (MPF), or
ENG/WGS 368 Feminist Literary Theory and Practice (3); and

2. ENG/WGS 232 American Women Writers (3), or
ENG/WGS 233 British Women Writers (3); and

3. ENG/AMS 390 Studies in American Regionalism: Women's Local Color Fiction (3), or
ENG/WGS 468 Gender and Genre (3), or
ENG 490 Special Topics in Literary Study (3)*, or
FRE 350B The Woman-Centered Text (3), or
WGS 180 Minority Women Writers in the U.S. (3), or
WGS 370A Black Women Writers (3), or
WGS 370C Gender & Games (3), or
WGS 370D Feminism and Disability (3)

* ENG 490 topics may vary from semester to semester. Consult the sequence coordinator to see if the topic can be applied.

Note: Open to all majors. Majors in the Departments of English, Womens and Gender Studies, and American Studies must select a minimum of nine hours outside their department of major.

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