ENG 3 American Life and Culture Since World War II.

A cross-disciplinary study of the changing forms of American culture since World War II.

1. ENG 143 Life and Thought in American Literature, 1945 to Present (3) (MPF), or
AMS/MUS 135 Understanding Jazz, Its History and Context (3) (MPF); and

2. Two courses from the following:
ART 489 Contemporary Art (3), or
BWS/ARC 427 The American City Since 1940 (3), or
ENG 293 Contemporary American Fiction (3), or
ENG 355 American Literature, 1945-Present (3), or
ENG/BWS 338 African American Writing, 1946-Present (3), or
HST/AMS 367 The U.S. in the 1960s (3), or
HST 369 U.S. in the Modern Era (3)

Note: Nine hours minimum must be taken outside your department of major.

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