ENG 5 Language and Literacy.

Uses formal reasoning skills, research and writing, and ethnographic case studies to develop a sense of the synchronic structure and diachronic background of the English language so that you understand how concepts of literacy have changed through the ages, how literacy functions in contemporary society, and how societies, schools, and communication technologies interact to shape our concepts of literacy, rhetoric, and language standards. Studies grammatical structure of modern English, social and cultural history of the language, and either rhetorical theory (COM 239) or contemporary notions of teaching writing (ENG 304). Although ENG 301 and 302 are recommended to be taken before ENG 304 or COM 239, three courses may be taken in any order.

1. ENG 301 History of the English Language (4); and

2. ENG 302 Structure of Modern English (4); and

3. ENG 304 Backgrounds to Composition Theory and Research (3), or
COM 239 Theories of Communication (3)

Note: Not open to majors in the Department of English. Majors in the Department of Communication must select ENG 304.

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