ENG 8 African American History and Literature.

Provides a sustained encounter with the African American experience from the arrival of African Americans to North America through their contemporary cultural and literary accomplishments.

1. BWS 151 Introduction to Black World Studies (4) (MPF); and

2. Two from the following:
BWS/ENG 336 African American Writing, 1746-1877 (3), or
BWS/ENG 337 African American Writing, 1878-1945 (3), or
BWS/ENG 338 African American Writing, 1945 to Present (3), or
BWS/HST 221 African American History (3), or
ENG 355 American Literature, 1945-Present (3)

Note: Not open to majors in black world studies. English and history majors must complete a minimum of nine hours outside their department of major.

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