ENG 9 Writing for Specialized Audiences: Print and Online Design and Composition.

Provides an introduction to theory, principles, genres, tools, and practices for those who wish to increase their expertise in professional writing. Through practice and community-based projects, the sequence develops the student’s ability to analyze audiences, design communications to achieve specific goals, test these communications with users, and produce the documents in digital or print media. The first two courses stress visual design and preparing texts for production; students may then choose 413/513 or 414/514, depending on whether they are interested in genres that report on past activities, request resources, or document processes.

Take one course from each tier.

1. ENG 411/511 Visual Rhetoric for Technical and Scientific Communicators (3); and

2. ENG 412/512 Editing for Technical and Scientific Communicators (3); and

3. ENG 413/513 Grant and Proposal Writings (3), or
ENG 414/514 Usability and User Experience (3)

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