Engineering Technology- Mechanical Engineering Technology Concentration

The Engineering Technology baccalaureate degree (Mechanical Engineering Technology concentration) is a completion program for graduates of associate degree programs in mechanical engineering technology. The objective of this program is to allow students who possess an associate degree in this area to complete the bachelor degree in approximately the equivalent of two years of full-time work (64-70 semester hours). This program is accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET (111 Market Place, Suite 1050, Baltimore, MD 21202-4012, telephone (410) 347-7700,

Mechanical Engineering Technology focuses on applications engineering and the analysis of the mechanical components of mechanisms, machines, products, and systems. The program requires a thorough understanding of applied mathematics and the engineering sciences. Students will develop the essential skills needed to apply experimental and empirical techniques to the study of systems and the solution of problems. This knowledge is used to research concepts, apply modeling methods, simulate and test operating conditions and their impact on the designed systems, and synthesize different elements to obtain an optimum design of a specific product.

Industry is in need of qualified mechanical engineering technologists who are able to apply such tools as computer-aided design (CAD), finite element modeling and analysis, and the concepts of advanced mechanical design to the creation of sophisticated machines and systems.

The mechanical engineering technology concentration provides depth of study in mechanical and manufacturing engineering technology built on a solid foundation of mathematics, physics, and computer science. The program also provides breadth through required studies in economics, humanities, social science, global perspectives, and liberal arts.

Graduates will find employment opportunities in a diverse spectrum of professional fields. Many mechanical engineering technologists work on team projects within manufacturing-related areas such as testing, analysis, design, and the development of products. Graduates may also continue their education at graduate engineering technology/engineering levels.

Program Requirements: Mechanical Engineering Technology

(129-135 semester hours)

Core Requirements (44-50 hours)

CHM 141,144 College Chemistry/Lab (3, 2) (MPF IVB)

COM 135 Public Expression and Critical Inquiry (3) (MPF IIB)

CSE 163 Introduction to Computer Concepts and Programming (3)

ECO 201 Principles of Microeconomics (3) (MPF IIC)

ENG 111 Composition and Rhetoric (3) (MPF I)

ENG 112 Composition and Literature (3) (MPF I)

ENG 215 Workplace Writing (3)

MTH 125 Pre-Calculus (5)

MTH 151 Calculus I (5) (MPF V) or

MTH 153 Calculus I (4)

MTH 251 Calculus II (4) or

MTH 249 Calculus I (5)

PHY 181,182 The Physical World (4, 4) (MPF IVB) or

PHY 171, 172 College Physics (3, 3)

PHY 183,184 The Physical World Lab (1, 1) (MPF IVB, LAB) or

PHY 173, 174 College Physics (1, 1)

STA 301 Applied Statistics (3)

Mechanical Engineering Technology Required Courses (56 hours)

ENT 135 Computer-Aided Drafting (3)

ENT 137 Introduction to Engineering Technology (1)

ENT 151 Engineering Materials (3)

ENT 152 Computer-Aided Manufacturing I (3)

ENT 192 Circuit Analysis I (3)

ENT 235 Computer-Aided Design (3)

ENT 252 Computer-Aided Manufacturing II (3)

ENT 271 Mechanics I: Statics (3)

ENT 272 Mechanics II: Strength of Materials (3)

ENT 278 Mechanics III: Analysis of Machine Components (3)

ENT 301 Dynamics (3)

ENT 310 Fluid Mechanics (3)

ENT 312 Thermodynamics and Heat Power (3)

ENT 314 Mechanisms for Mechanical Design (3)

ENT 316 Project Management (3)

ENT 333 Computational Methods for Engineering Technology (4)

ENT 355 Introduction to Finite Element Analysis (3)

ENT 404 Experimentation Techniques (3)

ENT 415 Heat Transfer with Applications (3)

ENT 416 Topics in Mechanical Vibrations (3)

ENT 497 Senior Design Project (2)

ENT 498 Senior Design Project (2)

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