(18 semester hours)

For information, contact the Page Center for Entrepreneurship, 2078 FSB (513-529-1221).

This interdisciplinary minor exposes students to the mindset and behavior of successful entrepreneurs as well as the principles and concepts associated with entrepreneurship in private, social, and public ventures. The program complements majors in all of Miami’s academic divisions and promotes the applications of entrepreneurial concepts in support of each student’s passion, regardless of major. Upon completion of the minor, students will be able to: (a) recognize entrepreneurial opportunities; (b) assess the risk and reward associated with each opportunity; (c) create the appropriate plans to pursue the opportunity; and (d) appreciate the role entrepreneurial thinking and behavior plays in their personal and professional lives, and in society at-large.

The entrepreneurship minor is open to all university students and can be used to satisfy a Thematic Sequence by non-business majors.

Program Requirements:

All of these:

ESP 306 Financial Aspects of Entrepreneurial Ventures (3)

ESP 311 Entrepreneurial Marketing (3)

ESP 366 Imagination and Entrepreneurship (3)

ESP 467 Entrepreneurship: New Ventures (3)* or

ESP 461 Small/Emerging Enterprise Consulting (3)

Six hours from among the following:

BLS 342 Legal Environment of Business (3)

ESP 201 Introduction to Entrepreneurship (3)

ESP 461 Small/Emerging Enterprise Consulting (3)

ESP 464 Social Entrepreneurship (3)

ESP 469 Entrepreneurship in Complex Organizations (3)

ESP 477 Independent Study (up to 3 hours)

ESP 481 Technology, Products, and Ventures (3)

ESP 490 Special Topics in Entrepreneurship (up to 3 hours)

IMS 333 Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship (3)

* Capstone

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