Note: To be eligible to take the final examination for a master’s degree, a graduate student must have a 3.00 grade point average or better and may not have grades of incomplete.

A preliminary examination is optional, but a final degree examination is required in all graduate programs except for the Master of Accountancy and the Master of Business Administration. The final examination, written, oral, or both, must be given in the semester in which the candidate completes the work for the degree, and no later in the semester than 10 working days before graduation. In a thesis-type program, the thesis must be approved before the final examination is administered.

The typical examination committee for either a thesis or non-thesis program is comprised of at least three members of the graduate faculty; two represent the student’s major department and the third member represents the minor department (if applicable), the major department, or the Graduate School. The director of the thesis for a thesis-type program must have Level A standing of the graduate faculty.

If the committee is larger than three, there can be no more than one dissenting vote to pass the examination.

Students who fail the first final examination may be given a second examination to be taken no earlier than the next semester or summer term. No third attempt is permitted.

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