Faculty-led Study Abroad and Away

Miami is a national leader in the number and variety of study abroad learning opportunities, and Miami faculty lead a variety of education abroad experiences

Faculty-led Education abroad and domestic programs are directed by experienced Miami University faculty. Programs include all levels of foreign language immersed in host countries and discipline specific programs focused and engaged in the abroad location. Programs vary from two weeks during university breaks, or a full semester, and allow students to fulfill Global Miami Plan requirements.

Recent programs and locations include the Summer MUDEC Program in Luxembourg; marketing practice in London; international business in Russia, Korea, Luxembourg, London, and the Pacific Rim; ecology and geology in the Bahamas, Belize, Bermuda, Costa Rica, and Kenya; engineering in Poland and Korea; and arts, culture, heritage, and archeology in the Bahamas, the Czech Republic, and Ghana. Language immersion programs include Italian, German, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, and French. Examples of recent Study Away programs include: Engaging Chicago: Forging Sustainable Communities in a Global City, Inside Hollywood: Los Angeles, CA, and Tropical Marine Ecology of the Everglades: Florida Keys, and Bahamas.

Faculty-led study abroad programs are administered by Lifelong Learning at Miami University. More information including program listings is available online at miamioh.edu/LLL/study-abroad.

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