Fees and Expenses: Regional Locations

Note: All fees and charges are subject to change. For current information on tuition and fees, visit the Bursar's website at www.miamioh.edu/bursar.

Late Fees on Past Due Accounts

The Miami University Board of Trustees authorizes charging late fees equal to the then current prime rate plus 3 percent on charges that are not paid within 90 days of the due date. Full collection costs may also be charged if it becomes necessary to send a past due account to a third party collection agent.

Financial Obligations

The Board of Trustees authorizes the Bursar to restrict any services, including release of all academic records of a student or former student (e.g., diploma, transcripts), and registration for future semesters, until any past due amount owed to the university, including, but not limited to, fees, tuition, charges, fines, and loans due to the university, is paid in full. Past due means unpaid for 60 or more days after the due date, except that an account paid with a bad check is past due on the day the check is returned from the bank.

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