Final Examination

Note: To be eligible to take the final examination for the doctoral degree, a graduate student must have a 3.00 grade point average or better and may not have grades of incomplete.

A final examination to evaluate your dissertation work and competence in your field is conducted by an examining committee consisting of at least four members of the Graduate Faculty (your dissertation director, two readers, and a member from outside your department). Three of the four members must approve your dissertation and final examination for you to be awarded the degree. If your committee is larger than four, there can be no more than one dissenting vote on your examination. All members have responsibility for the conduct of the examination and must also certify the fairness of the examination. All Graduate Faculty are eligible to participate in the examination.

The final examination must be passed and the dissertation must be uploaded to OhioLINK no later than five calendar years after your admission to candidacy. The deadline to deposit the dissertation is at least 10 working days before the commencement when your degree is awarded. Any exception may involve further examinations or course requirements.

Note: Students entering graduate programs August 2001 or later must submit their thesis or dissertation electronically. More information is available from the Graduate School, 513-529-3734, or online at

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