FRE 2 French Cultural Studies.

Students planning to take a Capstone in another department may take any three of these courses, although FRE 310 (or FRE 301 or the equivalent) is a prerequisite for FRE 411.

FRE 310 Texts in Context (3), or
FRE 341 or FRE 341W French Conversation and Current Events (3), or
FRE 350 Topics in French Literature in Translation (3), or
FRE 366 French Cinema in Translation (3), or
FRE 411 or FRE 411W French Civilization (4), or
FRE 431 Studies in Contemporary French Thought in Translation (3), or
FRE/FST 460 Topics in French Cinema Study (3)

Note: Not open to majors in the Department of French and Italian.

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