FRE 3 European Cinema.

Explores, questions, and seeks to provide a cross-cultural understanding of the historical, ideological, artistic, and social issues that inform European culture through a critical analysis of the major films of countries that have played an important role both in the birth and development of cinematic art and in shaping the modern world: France, Germany, Italy, and the Soviet Union.

1. FST 201 Introduction to Film Criticism and History (3) (MPF), or
ITS 201 Introduction to International Studies (3) (MPF)

2. Two from the following:
FRE/FST/GER 265 European Jewish Cinema (3), or
FRE/FST 366 French Cinema in Translation (3), or
FRE/FST 460 Topics in French Cinema Study (3), or
FST/ITL 262 Italian Cinema (3), or
FST/RUS 272 Cultures and Identities of Eastern Europe: An Introduction through Literature and Film (3), or
GER/FST 261 German Cinema (3), or
RUS/FST 263 Soviet and Post-Soviet Russian Cinema (3)

Note: Nine hours minimum must be taken outside your department of major.

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