FST 1 Film in Popular Culture.

Introduces cultural studies, specifically the analysis of contemporary popular culture. One of the central objectives is to develop analytical tools to examine how film, popular literature, and other mass media (ordinarily “taken for granted” elements of everyday life) have shaped our modern sensibility. In its very nature, the study of popular culture is interdisciplinary, examining both the text and the context of such cultural creations as mass-market literature and film.

1. FST 201 Introduction to Film History and Criticism (3) (MPF); and

2. Two courses from among the following:
ENG/FST 220 Literature and Film (3), or
ENG/FST 221 Shakespeare and Film (3), or
ENG/FST 236 Alternative Traditions in Film (3), or
ENG/FST 350A Topics in Film (3),or
ENG/FST/WGS 350B Topics in Film (3), or
ENG/FST 350D The Satiric Film (3), or
ENG/FST 350I The Art Film in Italy (3), or

Note: Not open to majors in the Department of English.

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