FSW 1 Services and Supports for Children, Youth, and Families.

Diversity is increasing among children, youth, families, and their community contexts. A growing number of people, especially African American and Hispanic children and their families, are experiencing the challenges of poverty. Increasing numbers of children and youth are deemed “at risk” for health, social, or educational problems. Amidst increasing diversity and confronted by rapid sociocultural change, existing services and supports are often ineffective; sometimes they may harm the people they intend to serve. Sequence provides experiences and opportunities that facilitate your understanding of children, youth, and families, including their needs, problems, aspirations, and strengths. Learn about and evaluate two kinds of services and supports: (1) educative, promotive, and preventive; and (2) need and problem-oriented, as well as crisis-responsive. Experiences in social service, education, and health organizations where you “shadow” helping professionals are required. As a citizen or future helping professional, prepares you for informed advocacy on the behalf of children, youth, and families.

1. FSW/KNH 207 Services and Supports for Children, Youth, and Families I (4); and

2. FSW/KNH 208 Services and Supports for Children, Youth, and Families II (5)

Note: Open to all majors. A minimum of nine semester hours must be taken outside your department of major.

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