FSW 662 Social Work Practicum II (6)

The experience requires MSW students to complete 450 hours of practicum experience (total - 900) in the community. Practicum instruction provides the opportunity for the student to engage in selected and organized activities, with or on behalf of clients, that apply the social work skills, knowledge, and values learned in the classroom. These include knowledge about social welfare programs, policies and issues; the dynamics of organizational behavior and change; a broad array of social work practice theories addressing work with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities in crisis, short-term and long-term models; the dynamics of human growth and behavior; and social work research methods and their application to practice. The practicum courses allow students to test in the field, with supervision, the generalist perspective they learned in the classroom, and methods of assessing based on the ecosystems model. In practicum, students meet a range of clients, encountering diversity, and growing in their self-awareness and abilities to help clients of various backgrounds and with different problems. Therefore, the practicum unites and reinforces the themes of foundation and advanced courses.

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