GEO 2 Earth's Physical Environment: Patterns and Processes.

Provides an understanding of the geographical patterns that characterize the Earth's physical environment and the processes responsible for these geographical patterns. The objectives are to study Earth's physical environment and their geographical distribution at global, regional, and local scales; to develop an understanding of the processes that connect Earth's physical subsystems, including the lithosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, and atmosphere; and to apply concepts (e.g., systems and budgets) and geographic tools (e.g., field research, geographic information systems, and remote sensing) to the geographic analysis of a particular environment or set of environments.

1. GEO 121 Earth's Physical Environment (4) (MPF); and

2. GEO 221 Regional Physical Environments (3); and

3. BIO/GEO 431 Global Plant Diversity (3), or
BIO/GEO 432 Ecoregions of North America (3), or
GEO 333 Global Perspectives on Natural Disasters (3), or
GEO 421 Climatology (3), or
GEO 425 Hydrogeography (3), or
GEO 426 Watershed Management (3), or
GEO 428 Soil Geography (4)

Note: Not open to majors in the Department of Geography. Biology majors must select a minimum of nine hours outside their department of major.

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