German- Bachelor of Arts

For information, contact the Department of German, Russian, and East Asian Languages, 172 Irvin Hall (513-529-2526).

This program provides students with a solid foundation in language, literature, and culture. The department offers an intensive summer program in Europe for students at intermediate and advanced levels. Students are encouraged to take the internationally recognized examinations in German/business German given annually.

Only three semester hours in English translation can be applied toward the required 27 semester hours. All courses for the German major must be taken for a grade except courses only offered as credit/no-credit.

Teacher Licensure

Students who wish to combine teacher licensure with an Arts and Science major must observe the rules, procedures, and restrictions pertaining to admission to a licensure cohort as outlined in the School of Education, Health and Society chapter. For information, contact the Office of Student Services in the School of Education, Health and Society, 202 McGuffey Hall (513-529-6418).

Program Requirements

(27 semester hours plus 9 hours of related courses numbered above GER 202)

Select courses from these areas:

Language skills. This one:

GER 301 German Languages Through the Media (3)

Literature. Take both of these:

GER 311 Passionate Friendships in German Literature (3)

GER 312 Coming of Age in German Life and Thought (3) (taught in English translation)

Culture. Choose at least THREE semester hours from the following:

GER 321 Cultural Topics in German-Speaking Europe (3) or

GER 322 Comparative Study of Everyday Culture: German-Speaking Europe and the USA (3)

Advanced study:

GER 471 Linguistic Perspectives in Contemporary German (3)

One additional course, which must be at the 400 level.

Two three-hour German courses at any level taught in translation, except FRE/GER 212; GER/ATH 309/ENG/SPN 303; GER/ART/ENG/GEO/HBW/HST/POL/PSY/REL 179; GER/ENG/FRE 356.

Related Hours (9 required)

These may include study of other national literatures, literary theory, comparative literature, linguistics, or another language. Depending on the subject, another major or minor may satisfy this requirement. Courses in music, art, history, political science, and other disciplines qualify on the basis of their content. Related hours must be approved by your adviser.

Students seeking the Bachelor of Arts in German meet the College of Arts and Science writing in the major requirement by completing the following courses: GER 301 and 471.

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