(18 semester hours)

For information, contact the Department of German, Russian, and East Asian Languages, 172 Irvin Hall (513-529-2526).

All German courses (except those offered only credit/no credit) must be taken for a grade. You must coordinate your program with a department adviser. This minor consists of courses above the 100 level.

Program Requirements

Choose one course from each group:

Language skill

GER 301 German Language through the Media (3)


GER 311 Passionate Friendships in German Literature and Culture (3)

GER 312 Coming of Age in German Literature and Thought (3) (taught in English translation)


GER 321 Cultural Topics in German-Speaking Europe (3)

GER 322 Comparative Study of Everyday Culture:

German-Speaking Europe and the U.S.A. (3)

Advanced Study

One GER course at 400 level or higher (3)

Also required:

One three-hour GER course taught in translation may be taken toward the minor, except FRE/GER 212; GER/ATH 309/ENG/SPN 303.

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