GLG 3 Plate Tectonics.

Provides an overview of how plate tectonics shapes the Earth, including the creation of landforms, natural hazards, and economic reservoirs. Examines the physical principles underlying movement of the Earth’s surface and the impact on rock types, chemistry, fabric, and layering. Also demonstrates how local studies can provide insight into global processes.

1. GLG 111 Dynamic Earth (3) (MPF), or
GLG 121 Environmental Geology (3) (MPF), or
GLG 141 Geology of National Parks (3) (MPF); and

2. GLG 261 Geohazards and the Solid Earth (3), or
GLG 301 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy (4); and

3. GLG 322 Structural Geology (4), or
GLG 461 Geophysics (3), or
GLG 467 Seismology (3), or
GLG 492 Global Tectonics (4)

Note: Not open to majors in the Department of Geology & Environmental Earth Science.

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