Global Health Studies

(18 semester hours)

For information, contact the Department of Anthropology, 120 Upham Hall (513-529-8399).

This transdisciplinary minor is for students interested in better understanding the complexities of global health and developing the necessary collaboration and research skills to work towards addressing global health problems, and is designed to complement a variety of student majors. Courses are designed to be taken in sequence. The minor can be completed in two years, including the required immersion experience.

Program Requirements:

Complete the following courses:

GHS 101 Introduction to Global Health (3)

GHS 201 Data and Decisions in Global Health (3)

GHS 301 Seminar in Global Health (1)

A required preparatory course for the Immersion Experience (3-4 credits, see below)*

GHS 401 Global Health Immersion Experience (2)

Complete one of the following capstone options:

Capstone Option 1:

ATH 448 Developing Solutions in Global Health (3)

GHS 491 Global Health Leadership (1)

Capstone Option 2:

GHS 477 Independent Studies (minimum 4 credit hours total, may be taken over multiple semesters): This is a thesis opportunity to conduct original global health research in collaboration with a Global Health faculty member.

Required Preparatory Course:

Approved by GH Advisor & completed prior to immersion experience so that students are better prepared for that experience. For the preparatory course, students should identify courses on campus that offer the skills and/or background knowledge needed so that they can best appreciate and take advantage of opportunities during the off-campus immersion experience. For example, a preparatory course could be a language course, a regional history or political science course, a course in urban development, water technologies, or community development depending on the objectives and focus of the immersion experience.

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