Graduate-Level Courses for Seniors

Seniors at Miami or juniors in the Honors program may apply for permission to take 500/600-level courses, normally open only to graduate students, for undergraduate or graduate credit.

To apply for permission, you must have senior status toward a bachelor’s degree or be a junior in the Honors program, a cumulative grade point average of 2.75, and a grade point average of 3.00 in the concentration area of the graduate course. Approval must be granted by your academic adviser, the instructor for the course, and the Graduate School. Courses at the 700-level are for graduate students only.

You must complete the form “Permission for Undergraduate Students to Enroll in Graduate Courses,” available at the Graduate School, and return it no later than Friday of the first week of classes in the semester.

Up to 10 semester hours may count toward a graduate degree if the courses are taken for graduate credit. Courses taken for graduate credit may count toward requirements for a bachelor’s degree. Contact your academic advisor for information.

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