Graduate Student Associations

Graduate School

102 Roudebush Hall, 513-529-3734

HAVEN: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Allies Graduate Student Organization provides a space for LGBTQ graduate students to find community both academically and socially. It forefronts graduate students' needs by discussing LGBTQ teaching, mentoring, writing, reading, and film series. The organization also works in coalition with other LGBTQ groups on campus (undergraduate, faculty, and staff).

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) represents all graduate students and promotes their academic, social, and economic aims. It maintains open channels of communication with other student organizations and with academic and administrative units of the university.

The association sponsors a Travel Assistance Fund to reimburse graduate students for travel expenses to professional meetings, conventions, conferences, and workshops.

The Graduate Students of Color Association (GSCA) aids graduate students by sponsoring academic programming, social, and cultural events from a diverse perspective. It also serves as an avenue of communication with the Graduate School and as a liaison between students of color and the university.

The Latin American Graduate Student Association provides mentorship and support to Latin American graduate students. The association provides safe, supportive, and enriching social and cultural experiences and works to increase the Latino graduate student population. Students involved in the association also develop programming to educate the local community about the Latino culture.

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