Graduation with Latin Honors

Latin Honors is calculated at the divisional rather than the University level. The top two percent of students in each division may receive summa cum laude honors, the next five percent, magna cum laude, and the next ten percent, cum laude. Honors designations are determined annually within each division based on all graduated students’ grade point averages over the prior three calendar years. The grade point averages will be established each June for the next calendar year and posted to the University Registrar's Office website.

Students who graduate with distinction may wear cords at commencement based upon final grades of the last semester of attendance prior to commencement, and the commencement program will reflect that they may be graduating with distinction. Actual degree honors will be recalculated to include grades from your final semester.

For graduation with distinction a student pursuing a baccalaureate degree must have earned at least 64 credit hours from Miami University; a student pursuing an associate degree must have earned at least 32 credit hours from Miami University. For students who earn fewer than 64 hours from Miami toward a bachelor’s degree or fewer than 32 hours from Miami toward an associate degree, the cumulative grade point average used at graduation to determine eligibility for honors is the lower of the following averages: (1) the average for all courses taken from Miami or (2) the combined average calculated using the grades from all college-level courses.

For students who have exercised the Fresh Start option, grades from all coursework taken at Miami University will be used in calculating eligibility for graduation with honors (see Student Handbook; Re-enrollment of Former Students, Chapter 1).

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