History of Philosophy

(19 semester hours)

For information, contact the Department of Philosophy, 212 Hall Auditorium (513-529-2440).

This minor offers students not majoring in philosophy the opportunity to explore the history of Western thought from Ancient philosophy to the present, and allows students to grasp the origin of fundamental concepts and their historical transformation. Students wishing to sign up for the minor should register their interest with the chief departmental advisor. The department occasionally offers courses in special topics appropriate to this minor. These may be substituted by petition for any course listed in the last group.

Program Requirements

One of these:

PHL 103 Society and the Individual (3)

PHL 104 Purpose or Chance in the Universe (3)

PHL 105 Theories of Human Nature (3)

Both of these:

PHL 301 Ancient Philosophy (4)

PHL 302 Modern Philosophy (4)

TWO of the following. At least one must be 400 level:

PHL 390 Existentialism (4)

PHL 402 19th Century Philosophy (4)

PHL 430 Seminar in Ancient or Medieval Philosophy (4)

PHL 440 Seminar in Modern Philosophy (4)

PHL 460 Seminar in Marxism (4)

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