HST 1 Medieval Studies.

Seeks to enhance your knowledge of and appreciation for the history, art, and literature of the medieval period, as well as establish a full cultural context on which you can build an understanding of more recent history.

  1. Select two courses from the following:
    ART 313 Early Christian, Byzantine, and Islamic Art (3), or
    ENG 327 Medieval Literature (3), or
    HST 246 Survey of Medieval History (3);
  2. And one course from the following:
    ART 480W Feminist Art Histories (3), or
    ARC 405G Seminar on Gothic Architecture (3), or
    HST 313 History of England to 1688 (3), or
    HST 346 Medieval Jewish History (3), or
    HST 451 Social History of Medieval Europe (3), or
    ENG 440 Major English and American Authors (3)*

* ENG 440 topics may vary from semester to semester. Consult with the sequence coordinator or the Office of Liberal Education to see if the topic can be applied.

Note: Majors in architecture, German, art, English, history, and Spanish must select a minimum of nine hours of courses outside their department of major.

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