HST 2 Women and Gender in History.

Studies the construction and nature of gender roles with particular emphasis on women, in a variety of historical contexts, places, cultures, and socioeconomic and political conditions. Encourages thought about whether there are any universal themes and questions regarding gender roles that transcend particular circumstances.

  1. Select three courses from these options:
    ART 480M Special Topics in Medieval Art (3), or
    ART 480W Feminist Art Histories (3), or
    CLS 235 Women in Antiquity (3), or
    HST/WGS 381 Women in Pre-industrial Europe (3), or
    HST/AMS/WGS 382 Women in American History (3), or
    HST 383 Women in Chinese History (3), or
    HST/AMS/WGS 392 Sex and Gender in American Culture (3), or
    HST/WGS 450 Topics in Women's History (3), or
    REL 334 Women's Religious Experiences in the Mediterranean World (3)

Note: Not open to majors in the Department of History. Majors in the departments of American Studies, Art, Classics, Comparative Religion and Womens and Gender Studies must select a minimum of nine hours outside their department of major.

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