IMS 4 Perspectives on Interactive Media.

This sequence will develop the student's theoretical and hands-on understanding of the nature of digital development. Interactive media expertise requires a broad understanding of the perspective brought by a variety of disciplines. The courses included in the sequence are designed to supplement a traditional disciplinary major for a student interested in how Interactive Media informs their chosen field.

This sequence allows the student to broaden their Interactive Media expertise, developing a particular interest and then applying it through a choice of one of three course "buckets" or tracks.

1. Take one of the following courses:

IMS 201 Information Studies in the Digital Age (3), or

CSE 251 Introduction to Game Programming (3), or

CSE 252 Web Application Programming (3), or

ENG/IMS 238 Narrative and Digital Technology (3) (MPF), or

ENG/IMS 224 Digital Writing and Rhetoric (3), or

ART 256 Design, Perception and Audience (3) (MPF); and

2. Take two courses in any one of the following Specialization Tracks:

A. Commercialization

IMS 333 Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship (3), or

MKT/IMS 419 Digital Branding (3), or

COM 211 Introduction to Video Production (4), or

MGT 311 Project Management (3), or

BLS 437 Cyberlaw (3), or

IMS 390C Topics in IMS: Implementation (4)

B. Interpretation

ENG/IMS 171 Humanities and Technology (3) (MPF), or

ENG/IMS 238 Narrative and Digital Technology (3) (MPF), or

ENG/IMS 224 Digital Writing and Rhetoric (3), or

ENG 411 Visual Rhetoric (3), or

IMS 390I Topics in IMS: Interpretation (4)

C. Simulation

IMS 319 3D Modeling and Animation (3); or

IMS 445 Game Design (3); or

ARC 404Y Mind and Medium (3); or

IMS 390S Topics in IMS: Simulation (4)

D. Visualization

IMS 356 Flash Animation (3), or

IMS/ART 259 Art and Digital Tools I (3), or

IMS/ART 359 Art and Digital Tools II (3), or

ISA 245 Database Systems (3), or

IMS 390V Topics in IMS: Visualization (4)

Note: IMS 4 is open to all majors, but students must complete 9 hours of coursework outside their department of major. Only one course from the Foundations may count in a Thematic Sequence.

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