IMS 440/540 Interactive Media Studies Practicum (4) MPC

Examines the tools and methodologies involved in creating and managing the production of new media. Students will study different development models in a real-world setting and work with a client in business or industry to consultatively produce an interactive solution. This course particularly focuses on two aspects of the client project: (1) the management of new media development, and (2) the processes that best develop the synergy of an interdisciplinary team working toward a shared goal and the tools of development. It will also emphasize project planning and management. While it may be the case that programmers need to know coding and graphic designers need to know vector graphics, the successful manager will know something about all of these tools, about how they work together, and about how to specialize in one of them.

Recommended prerequisite: IMS 410. Cross-listed with COM 411.

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