Individualized Studies- Bachelor of Arts

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The AB in Individualized Studies offers an academic home for students with multiple interests to develop their own plan of study by integrating a set of core classes with courses in almost any area of study. Courses explore diverse subjects but share a strong interdisciplinary theme. By emphasizing the importance of studying complex issues from multiple perspectives, these courses equip students with skills in critical thinking, problem solving, and objective analysis. The individualized portion of the major is designed by students in close consultation with faculty and staff advisers, and draws from courses across the university. The degree culminates in a student-designed project that positions students for entry into graduate school or the workplace.

Program requirements

Introductory courses: (7 hours)

WST 201 Self and Place (3)

WST 231 Interdisciplinary Inquiry (3)

WST 251 Individualized Studies Seminar (1)

Core courses in interdisciplinary and integrative studies: (9 hours)

WST 301 Interdisciplinary Problems and Questions (3)

WST 321 Developing Interdisciplinary Projects: Exploring Ways of Knowing (3) or

WST 322 Developing Interdisciplinary Projects: Using Analytical and Rhetorical Tools (3)

WST 341 Interdisciplinary Synthesis and Action (3)

Individualized coursework component: (24 hours minimum)

Building upon the individualized plan of study completed in WST 251, students select and complete coursework at the 300-level or above from around the university to build content knowledge in specific area(s) of focus. Students might choose to pattern their individualized plan on an existing multidisciplinary Thematic Sequence or an interdisciplinary minor within the university, but will be expected to go well beyond what is already in place at Miami to flesh out their unique areas of study. Plans of study, subject to approval by a faculty advisor, may include study abroad and/or credit-bearing internships as appropriate. The individualized component forms an important knowledge base for constructing the senior project.

Senior Project: (7 hours)

WST 421 Senior Project Proposal Workshop (3)

WST 444/445 Senior Workshop and Project (3, 2)

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