Information Systems- Bachelor of Science in Business

For information, contact the Department of Information Systems and Analytics, 3095 FSB (513-529-4826).

The information systems major provides graduates with managerial and technical skills critical to directing and controlling the information resources of an organization. Graduates of this program learn fundamental information and communication theories and technologies such as database theory and management, systems analysis and design, and data communications as well as contemporary topics such as internetworking and world wide web-based technologies for electronic commerce, data and wireless communications, multimedia, data mining and warehousing, knowledge management, and enterprise systems. Emphasis is on structuring and solving business problems by appropriately applying technological resources and information management skills.

Majors begin careers in the IS field or related areas in positions such as systems analyst, information consultant, web analyst, web designer, information specialist, business consultant, software specialist, system consultant, programmer analyst, system designer, microcomputer specialist, database designer, data communication specialist, and system architect.

Program Requirements

All of these:

ISA 235 Information Technology and the Intelligent Enterprise (3)

ISA 245 Database Systems and Data Warehousing (3)

ISA 281 Building Web-Based Business Applications I (3)

ISA 301 Data Communications in Business (3)

ISA 387 Designing Business Systems (3)

ISA 403 Building Web-Based Business Applications II (3)

ISA 406 IT Project Management (3)

Choose ONE of the following:

ISA 404 Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management (3)

ISA 414 Managing Big Data (3)

ISA 495 Managing the Intelligent Enterprise(3)

Choose ONE of the following: The course chosen from this list must be different from that taken to fulfill the requirement above.

CSE 174 Fundamentals of Programming and Problem Solving (3)

ISA 303 Enterprise Systems (3)

ISA 305 Information Risk Management, Security, and Audit (3)

ISA 385 Applications of Electronic Commerce Technology (3)

ISA 404 Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management (3)

ISA 481 Topics in Information Systems (3-4)

ISA 495 Managing the Intelligent Enterprise (3)

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