International Studies- Bachelor of Arts in International Studies

For information, contact the director of the International Studies Program, 120 MacMillan Hall (513-529-5333).

This multidisciplinary program is for students desiring a broad foundation for understanding and analyzing important issues within an international and multicultural context. Its flexible curriculum provides a basis for graduate work or careers in government service, international business, academia, tourism, public service, cultural relations, and law. Overseas study is required as a part of this major.

Program Requirements

Interdisciplinary Core Courses (21-22 semester hours)

All of these:

ECO 344 International Economics (3) *

ITS 201 Introduction to International Studies (3)

ITS 402 Policy Taskforce Capstone in International Studies (3) **

* ECO 201 and 202 are prerequisites

** Senior year only

Choose ONE of the following:

ITS 302 Problems of Non-Western Societies (3)

ITS 365 Topics in International Studies (3)

Choose THREE of the following:

GEO 378 Political Geography (3)

HST 198 World History 1500 to present (3)

ITS/ATH 301 Intercultural Relations (3)

POL 271 World Politics (4)

Language Requirement (6-12 semester hours)

For French, German, or Spanish: 12 hours at 300 level or above, or a minor (other languages must complete only 6 hours at 300 level or above).

Approved Study Abroad Experience (at least one semester)

Concentration Requirement (12 semester hours)

Choose between the functional concentration and the regional concentration. You must take at least 12 credit hours from at least three different disciplines in your chosen concentration.

Functional Concentrations: Regional Concentrations:

• Conflict, Peace and Diplomacy*

• Africa

• International Development

• South and East Asia

• Global Cultural Relations

• Latin America

• The Global Environment

• Middle East

• Women in the World

• Russia Eastern Europe and Central Asia

* Take 12 hours from at least two different disciplines

• Western Europe

Students seeking the Bachelor of Arts in International Studies meet the College of Arts and Science writing in the major requirement by completing the following course/s: either ITS 302 or 365, and 402.

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