ITL 1 Italy in the Renaissance.

Analyzes the vital role Italy has played in the birth and evolution of modern Western culture in the humanities, arts, sciences, and political thought. Develops analytical skills by viewing Italian culture from a variety of disciplinary angles and over a broad span of time. Promotes a critical understanding of the rich artistic, literary, and intellectual heritage of the culture that laid the foundation for the European Renaissance and the modern period.

  1. Select three of the following courses in any order:
    ART 314 Italian Renaissance (3), or
    ENG/ITL 364 From Marco Polo to Machiavelli (3), or
    ENG/ITL 401 Dante's Divine Comedy (3), or
    HST 315 The Renaissance (3), or
    HST 452 Florence in the Time of the Republic 1250-1550 (3)

Note: Nine hours minimum must be taken outside your department of major.

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