Jewish Studies

(18 semester hours)

For information, contact the Director of Jewish Studies, 248 Upham Hall (513-529-5143).

This minor is an interdisciplinary program that encourages students to pursue their particular interests across a wide range of disciplines and periods focusing on the critical approaches to Jewish history, religion, thought, and culture. Jewish Studies credits may be transferred from other institutions, and experience in accredited international programs may be applicable. A 2.50 GPA is required to obtain a Jewish Studies minor.

Program Requirements

Ancient and Medieval Core Courses (3 semester hours)

Choose ONE of the following:

CLS 310J Jews Among the Greeks and Romans (3)

HST 346 Medieval Jewish History (3)

HST 442 Ancient Jewish History (3)

REL 175 Critical Study of Biblical Literature (3)

REL 211 Introduction to the Religion of the Ancient Israel (3)

Modern Core Course (3 semester hours):

This one:

FRE/GER/RUS 212 Secular Jewish Culture from the Enlightenment to Zionism (3)

Focus Courses

Take 12 semester hours (no more than seven hours may be taken from the Holocaust Focus); at least six hours must be 300 level or higher. Additional core courses may be counted within these hours.

Culture History and Society

FRE/FST/GER 265 European Jewish Cinema (3)

GER 252 The German-Jewish Experience (3)


HST 400A Senior Capstone in German History (when on the Holocaust) (3)

HST 472 Germany 1918-1945, from Revolution to Rubble (3)


HBW 201 Intermediate Modern Hebrew (3)

HBW 202 Intermediate Modern Hebrew (3)


ENG/FRE/GER 356 Contemporary Jewish Fiction in Europe (3)

ENG 230J Jewish American Fiction Since 1945 (3)

GER 232 The Holocaust in German Literature, History, and Film (3)

Religion and Thought

REL 213 Social and Religious History of the Jewish People (3)

REL 311 Archaeology and Biblical Studies (3)

REL 334 Women's Religious Experience in the Ancient Mediterranean (3)

REL 385 Religious Roots of Anti-Semitism (3)

REL 440/540 Ancient Near Eastern Literature and Religion (1-4)

REL 475 Judaism in Modern Israel (4)

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